L Marie'Sea Treasures

Every piece of my sea glass is completely and naturally tumbled by the sea and was found by me (or one of my 4 daughters).
Most was found in and along the southern California surf, but a few pieces were found on vacations. I consider each a treasure and am so excited to be sharing these gifts from the sea with you!
All jewelry, note cards, and wine charms were created and handmade by me.
I have a love of photography and get a thrill when the glass, treasures, sun and sea ‘stack’ up for a beautiful picture.
My fifth calendar is now ready. I have had my 8-year anniversary of officially being obsessed since I began walking the beaches near the water to help rehab my ankle after a car accident. I have found my passion and hope to share it with you!!
Happy shopping!
Please contact Lmarieseatreasures@gmail.com
for cards and personalized photo sizes and color schemes. Thanks 🙂